Welcome to the Butchershop Hotel

The Butchershop Hotel in Bunyip has long been a fantastic destination for those wanting to experience a special dining experience. Bigger and better things are now in store for the hotel and its customers while still maintaining the foundations of excellence that people have come to expect. New Pool Room Boasting a hand made Wood Fired Pizza Oven serving delicious Gourmet Pizza, is open Friday & Saturday evenings from 6.pm.

Dining at the Butcher Shop Hotel

Within easy walking distance from the Bunyip railway station, patrons are invited to enjoy live music regularly on Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons (in summer). The bistro is open Tuesday through Sunday from 12 noon for lunch and dinner.

For a great dining experience please call the Butchershop Hotel for a reservation on (03) 5629 5292 or Mickey on 0427 397 005.